WW3 fears as Putins nuclear forces conduct war drills of highest degree

Thousands of troops from Vladimir Putin’s nuclear missile forces were today engaged in exercises involving the “highest degrees of combat readiness”, adding to growing WW3 fears.

The exercises in the Sverdlovsk region included 3,000 soldiers and deadly Yars thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles on mobile launchers, and footage of the start of the Tagil Rocket Division drills was released by Russian defence ministry TV channel Zvezda.

The practive involves “manoeuvres on combat patrol routes” in the Ural Mountains and ways to combat Western air attacks on the nuclear weapons.

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They are also carrying out their tasks during “active electronic suppression and intensive actions of saboteurs".

“The missile regiments equipped with mobile Yars ground-based missile systems are actively changing their field positions,” said Zvezda.

“At the same time, they are developing new areas of combat patrols. The field positions of the Yars mobile missile system are securely concealed deep inside Russia.

“But if necessary, the launchers can be located almost anywhere in the country.”

Russia is conducting the drills with the Yars mobile missile system accompanied on combat patrol routes by its newest Listva remote demining vehicle.

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Deputy commander of Russian Strategic Missile Forces, Lt-Gen Andrei Burbin, said: “During the exercises, we use new equipment, including special support units, engineering units, [and] security and defence…

“The personnel show good training.”

Interfax’s military newswire reported: “A key goal of the check is to assess the current state of the missile formation, its level of combat readiness, and the performance of its commanding officers in implementing the 2023 training objectives.”

Silo-based and ground-based mobile Yars ICBM systems are central to the Russian Strategic Missile Forces.

Yars missiles have a maximum range of 6,835 miles.

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