Conspiracy theorists think world is ending โ€“ three major signs end is nigh

Three bizarre events could signal the end of the world, according to conspiracy theorists.

The triad of unusual occurrences in the Middle East began with the birth of the "first red heifer in 2000 years" in Israel, an animal that has ties to the "end of times" in Christianity and Judaism.

After the birth was announced, another claim surfaced that fish and plants were filling up sinkholes in the Dead Sea โ€“ despite the salty, inhospitable environment.

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The trilogy of strange happenings was completed when a snake slithered out of Israel's Western Wall, much to the surprise of worshippers who were praying there.

Some internet users reckon the three events could be a sign that a prophecy about the coming of the Messiah will come true, reports the Mirror.

The reported "red heifer", also known as the red cow, was born in 2018, sparking fears our days could be numbered.

The birth and sacrifice of the red cow is said in Judaism to precede the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

In mainstream Orthodox Judaism, the rebuilding of the Temple is supposed to come before the coming of the Jewish Messiah.

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The birth was announced on YouTube by the The Temple Institute, which said the calf and her mother would be subjected to "extensive examination" to determine if the cow was "blemish free".

Following the checks, rabbinical experts confirmed the creature was a "viable candidate for the Biblical red heifer".

If that weren't strange enough, the birth was followed by the alleged discovery of fish in the Dead Sea, an area considered inhabitable because of the water's high salt content.

The famously saline sea boasts about a 37% salt content, which is 10 times saltier than the ocean.

The salt content is so high it allows visitors to float on the surface with next to no effort โ€“ but it also makes for a rather unwelcoming home for marine life.

Photojournalist Noam Bedein claims the body of water is "anything but dead" and told Breaking Israel News: "[At] the lowest point on earth, you see the prophecy coming true."

Ezekiel, a priest and prophet from the Old Testament, foresaw the Dead Sea flourishing into life in his end-of-times prophecy.

According to Ezekiel 47: 8-9: "There shall be a very great multitude of fish".

Mr Bedein added: "A place that was once cursed in Biblical times, now you can come here to the Dead Sea, explore the sinkholes and see fish where the water has receded."

Rounding off the series of strange encounters, the Times of Israel reported a snake crawled out of the Western Wall several years ago, startling people mid-prayer.

Video footage released by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation showed the large reptile emerging from a hole in the holy site before scaring away a pigeon โ€“ an interaction internet sleuths have claimed shows we are living in "dangerous times".

Other social media users have compared the creepy moment to the Book of Genesis, which saw Adam and Eve tempted out of the Garden of Eden.

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