Ex-WWE champ who stripped naked on live TV leaves fans baffled by new career

A former WWE Women's Champion who once stripped naked on live television now has a career very far from her days of sports entertainment.

Stacy Carter, also known as Miss Kitty or The Cat, was part of WWE when women's wrestling was more about fighting in swimming pools in costumes leaving little to the imagination, rather than in-ring ability like today's product. Perhaps one of the most controversial was Stacy Carter.

She won the then-WWF Women's Championship by beating actually-decent wrestling legends Ivory and Jacqueline as well as the lesser-remember BB in a fatal four-way evening gown pool match in December 1999 at the Armageddon PPV in Florida, United States. The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young were special guest referees.

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The object of the match was to strip your opponent of their outfit, which Carter won. However her post-match celebration has gone down in wrestling folklore as one of the most controversial moments every shown on live television.

Carter, overjoyed at winning, took to a podium next to the pool, while wearing a towel, and exposed herself to the packed arena and millions watching around the world. Carter would go on to hold the belt for 49 days, losing it to a bloke called Harvey Wippleman who was dressed as a woman and called himself Hervina . . . he would lose it one night later to Jacqueline.

Carter would go on to team with the legendary Chyna for a while, before leaving wrestling altogether a few years later. And she now has a new career very far removed from her in-ring life – she is now a real estate agent.

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She works mainly in the Dallas, Texas area, having started in the business shortly after her divorce to fellow WWE legend Jerry Lawler in 2003. She is also now an animal charity advocate, and reportedly vegan.

Speaking about the infamous Armageddon moment in 2009, she said that it almost cost WWE its deal with PPV streaming company Direct TV, and that it was entirely “unintentional” as WWE Hall of Famer Sgt Slaughter was supposed to make sure she was covered up . . . and the camera was not meant to show her from the front.

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However, fans have taken to the internet in droves to support her and her new career. One wrote: "People overlook her because of how sexual she was but she was training behind the scenes and showed a ton of potential. She is someone who truly loved wrestling, was good on the mic, loved by the fans, beautiful."

Another wrote: "Absolutely obsessed with her. She's so underrated. She deserves hall of fame." A third added: "OMG how is it possible that she looks younger today than 20 years ago?? Legend!!"

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